Texas Locksmith and Security, LLC

Houston’s Locksmith experts. Specializing in Access Control, Commercial, High-Security, and Residential locksmith services.


Texas Locksmith and Security, LLC

Houston Locksmith Services. Residential Services include: Rekey, master key system, high-security locks, house-lockouts, safes, and more.

Texas Locksmith and Security, LLC

Houston Locksmith Access Control and Commercial Services include: electric strikes, keyless entry, keypads, biometric locks, and more

Houston Locksmith & Security Services

Houston Locksmith For High Tech Security Locks And Key Control In The Houston Area-You can trust Texas Locksmith and Security, LLC Of Houston Texas. We are your local High-Security Locks And Key Control Specialists Houston Locksmith

Access Control

Master Key Systems enable facilities to access dead bolts, mortise locks, pad locks and even electronic access control systems quickly while limiting access to only those who need it. Great for offices, schools, apartments, franchises, and other places with multiple key-holders.

Commercial Locksmith

 We provide all of the commercial locksmith services your company needs. We understand the importance of ensuring your property is safe and secure. From lockouts, safes, high-security keys, exit-devices and more.

High Security Locks

High Security Locks insure your home and businesses is safe against criminals. More durable, better quality, harder to bypass, ask one of our technicians about upgrading your locks, and your security,  today. 

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High security locks

Your security is based on the strength of your locks and your keys. The easier a key is to copy, the more people will have access to the items and people that you are trying to protect. For the average business, that can be a problem, as most businesses have dozens of people come into contact with its keys, as well as locks that an expert criminal can easily manipulate.

Unlock door and locked out solutions

A good security or lock system is intended to keep your home safe from those without a key or code. Unfortunately, sometimes that person is you. Perhaps you broke your key in the lock or forgot your keys at work or you can picture exactly where your keys are laying on your coffee table. No matter the situation, if you find yourself locked out of your own house, now you have to figure out how to get back in.

Master systems

Tired of having a different key for every door in your business? Texas locksmith and security provide master systems services that will combine all of your keys into one cost-effective form of access control. Our experienced technicians will engineer a customized master key system specific to your existing locks.

Access control systems

In order to properly protect your business, you need to manage access to critical areas. By installing an access control system you can manage sensitive areas throughout your business or home to provide the needed protection. We can successfully install and maintain your access control systems to help improve your overall business operations.

Cities We Serve

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Our Featured Work

We provide a variety of commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith services in Houston. We also offer services such as safe openings and state the art of electronic access control

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I am so very impressed by their level of commitment to their customers. My experience was incredible as he went above and beyond for us to get our keys. I could not thank him enough. I highly recommend them to and will use them in the future as this happens to me quite frequently.

Hannah A

My son lost his only truck key. We went down the list of locksmiths being ignored by all of them. My son finally got to the technician came out the same day with the key in hand. Great price and great service. Would recommend to any and everyone. Thank you.

Jeremiah J



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