Best locksmith in Texas

Best locksmith in Texas

Thinking of increasing the security to your residence or your office? The first thing one must do if advancing the current lock and security system is to contact a reliable and trustable best locksmith in Texas, like us at Texas Locksmith & Security. Improving your site’s current security level is not a very tiring task, at least for us. Bettering the security usually requires changing the existing locks and replacing them with more advanced and complex options available in the market.

The task of replacing the locks may look daunting, but when you go through the available options of different complexities of locks available in the market, how can you determine which lock is the best for you and your belongings? This is why contacting experts at the task like Texas Locksmith & Security will help you determine which type of lock is best suited for your case.

We, Texas Locksmith & Security, always try to guide our clients to determine which type of lock and what degree of difficulty will best suit their needs and inform them about the security considerations they should be aware of for each option. 

Types of Locks available for consideration

⦁ Padlock
⦁ Knob Lock
⦁ Deadbolt
⦁ Lever Handle Lock
⦁ Cam Lock
⦁ Mortise Lock


The most average of the locks utilized in the daily lives of every person nowadays, padlocks, is the most famous among every lock type because of how comfortable and portable this piece is. It comprises of three parts, the shackle, locking mechanism, and the body. Padlocks usually come in two styles, keyed and combination padlocks. The keyed padlock requires a key to unlock the shackle; this is the most common type of lock utilized currently. It comes in further two types, the retaining and non-retaining key types in which the lock doesn’t allow the key to be removed while the padlock is unlocked.  

On the other hand, a combination padlock is a bit complex compared to the latter because they require a pin code to unlock them. 

Nevertheless, the padlock is always the most easily compromised among the others; it can be broken easily by hammering, bolt cut, drilled, and can also be picked. But don’t worry because the best locksmith in Texas, Texas Locksmith & Security got your back and your security covered with the best options available for you.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are a common type mainly found in the doors of office or residence, which is actually applied on both sides of the door. These consist of a key cylinder present on one side while the other makes up of a rotatable knob, which controls the whole mechanism. 

Just like padlocks, they can also be picked and hammered to compromise.


A deadbolt is a better option compared to the above mentioned two variations because these locks are more rugged and can hold their own for quite some hits. They consist of a cylinder that needs to be rotated twice in order to unlock the door. There are different variations of the deadbolts available in the market, including single, double, and lockable thumb turning type.

The single-cylinder is commonly utilized in house security, comprised of a thumb turner inside during a key turner part outside.

The double cylinder actually replaces the inner thumb turner with another key cylinder. So key cylinders on both sides.

The lockable thumb variant is actually the single-cylinder only with the added utility of locking the thumb turning pin.

Lever Handle Locks

Commonly used in the house doors, they consist of a key cylinder on the outside while a swinging rotatable turn knob lever on the inside, which helps in easy operation from the inside.  

These locks can also be picked, damaged, and compromised by applying brute force.

Cam Locks

Cam Locks have the simplest operation and mechanism. They consist of a plate of the metal, cam, which attaches to the core of the locking mechanism. It can rotate between 90 to 180 degrees only after the key is inserted, which can lock and unlock it. They can rotate both counter and clockwise. Although they are difficult to break but picking these locks is pretty easy.

Mortise Locks

The complex variant joins the competition by the addition of Mortise Lock. This is a 2 in 1 locking mechanism which, after installation, acts both as a doorknob and a deadbolt lock. 

Installing this one isn’t so easy. It comes in two pieces; one is a non-locking lever attached part which attaches on both sides of the door, while the other locking component has to be put inside between the pieces, cutting the part of the door and fixing the 2nd part within it. It is no easy feat and needs experience, or the installation may fail miserably.

These are more rugged and may endure force applications but are susceptible to lock picking just lie a normal deadbolt. 

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